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Past Production:

A Christmas Carol

In December 2020, we brought Cambourne a LIVE Zoom production based on the famous Charles Dickens story

When Dickens published “A Christmas Carol” in 1843 he can hardly have imagined how the world might look by Christmas 2020. This LIVE Zoom production contained all the familiar elements in the story of the grumpy old miser ordered by the spirit world to jolly well cheer up and spread some Christmas cheer, but in a bold new medium.

Not just another clunky Zoom meeting – this was very different. We went all out to rip Zoom apart at the seams and create something entertaining and fun for all the family with effects and music. Due to social distancing all our actors performed individually in their own homes, which made this a very different experience for everyone.

Behind the scenes:

dog watching.jpeg

This was a production that could be watched by anyone anywhere


Mission control:  technical director Paul Wright co-ordinated the Zoom meeting with the eight actors to output to a second Zoom meeting via OBS.   In order to cue up the correct visual and audio effects, he created a custom app to control it all.


Eveline ready with her quick changes - fortunately Zoom only shows the top half


Matinee: in daylight the actors found resourceful ways to block out the light from their acting areas.

You can view the show in its entirety on YouTube:

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